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Our portfolio

Production of single-use masks made of non-woven fabric.

As a result of pandemics, we made a quick decision to develop a new product for our partners.

In the spring of 2020, we studied analogs within 1.5 months, calculated technological requirements and costs.
After that, we released a package of documentation for the production of three-layer medical spunbond masks. With the nasal fixator.
Within 1 month: we found contractors for the production of a prototype, the product was manufactured and improved under our author's control.

Line speed is 100 masks per minute.

Now our partners are engaged in the production of these products.

Project GD18061

We developed the project according to the technical task and the special requirements of our partner.
The partner had two production sites (production processes were divided by sites) and a wide range of vehicles for transportation.
Besides, they had their own design engineering department.

Specialized Trailer for transporting vehicle sets between production sites.
For this project we worked on the options for pneumatic lifting axles, as well as on the configuration of the semitrailer, as a result we сhose the option of “independent trailer”.

We met all the requirements for compactness, versatility and performance.

Metal molds for concrete

Metal molds of various shapes
corresponding to GOST 25781-83 “steel molds”.
In developing we took into account the technology of manufacturing three-dimensional metal structures,
as well as requirements for pouring and reinforcement technology.

Simulator of a car – 4D reality

The development of a 4D car simulator was very relevant in the market.
There were foreign analogues, which were taken as a basis (we studied photos and videos)
Scope of work:
Study of analogues
Development of the construction
Selection of drivers
Author’s supervision over the manufacture.

As a result there were two versions of the construction.
The product was assembled in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan

Strength calculation

For mechanical engineering projects, finite element calculations are an important component.

Calculations for optimal design.
We calculate assembly 3D models using various methods:
Strength load in statics and dynamics.
Thermal calculations.
Flow calculation.

Powered trolley

New partner of the company – “deltex” St. Petersburg.
Sets a task to develop
the project of mobile lifting trolley for the Company “deltex”

The trolley is equipped with the electric drive for lifting and moving.
It is designed to make the moving within the warehouse easier.

To perform this task the following measures were taken:
Kinematic calculations,
Selection of drivers and suppliers.
Development of 3D model and design and engineering documentation.

CNC machines of in analogy with smart machines

On the basis of the tasks of our regular partner we developed
a range of machines of various designs.
An important component was the elaboration of the design for their manufacturing technology and settings.
The desire to get the most ergonomic machines in work with good looks, as well as the additional requirement for the availability of cooling mixture and automatic tool change, extended the task and we implemented it and developed casings and machines of a new series.

We continue to cooperate, and the tasks are becoming more and more interesting.
The growth of the company “Smart Machines” results at the complication of tasks and solutions, that is sure please us.

We like challenging and interesting tasks.