Calculations for the strength and fatigue of designs - Hybrid technique

Calculation of strength and fatigue of structures

Engineering company "Hybrid technology" provides a full range of strength calculations for any type of projects involving the modeling of objects, such as:

  • Pipeline strength analysis.
  • Calculation of gear transmission strength (gearwheel strength).
  • Stability calculation.
  • Tasks for destruction.
  • Calculation of welding seams strength.

We calculate the strength of the structure according to your technical task and taking into account the dependence on the type of used materials, temperatures of power loads.

On the basis of the calculations we can give additional recommendations on the possible modification of the structure.

Strength is calculated according to applicable standards and regulations (RN NPI G-7-002-86, GOST 14249-89, etc.) in specialized software.

The cost of calculations depends on the available initial data and the time-consuming aspect. Usually, calculations of strength and fatigue are extremely labor and resource intensive tasks. Special purpose PCs and software are used in the process of their execution. Moreover, the calculator must have the necessary qualification and sufficient skills to correctly interpret the results, as well as prepare recommendations. All strength and fatigue calculations are performed in accordance with the technical task and include a detailed report.

Engineering company "Hybrid technology" provides engineering and design services in Cheboksary, but remote working with customers from other regions of Russia, as well as countries of the near and far abroad is also possible.

You can call or write us and tell about your task, and together we will find a solution!


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