Mission | Hybrid technology
About the company

The engineering company "Hybrid Technology" specializes in the design of industrial equipment: from full-fledged production lines or industrial machines to individual mechanical nodes. We work with all regions of the Russian Federation, as well as countries near and far abroad. Our employees have more than 10 years of experience in design and engineering.

Our regular customers are machine building and electrical enterprises of various sizes: from the small firms and entrepreneurs to the large commercial organizations.

Unlike many other design bureaus, we work closely with manufacturing companies and take into account such factors as cost, implementation time and manufacturability. We can develop any of our projects on a turnkey basis.

Our mission is to

— Solve the customer's tasks within the framework of design competencies, promote innovations, create, simplify, improve and do it in the most technological, high-quality and convenient way for the customer.

We are getting good at

— Both creating new products and safely copying the existing analogues. When designing new products, we develop from the technical task, and ending with strength calculations and the production of drawings. When we design on a similar product, we take into account world patents so to make manufacturing process safe.

We solve

— Complicated tasks and we like to meet the expectations of our customers.