Development of new products and technological solutions - Hybrid Technology

Development of new products and technological concepts

Engineering company "Hybrid technology" will provide a full range of design and engineering services in the development of new products, devices and equipment. The company's engineers can design a new product, as well as develop a device on the basis of solutions already existing on the market; in addition, it is possible to design a product by combining ready-made platforms.

Designing a new device presupposes the development of the entire complex: from the preparation of the project concept to the development of the full package of design and engineering documentation for its subsequent production process. For this purpose a full-fledged product is designed with its own set of competitive advantages that would allow it to occupy its own niche in the industry.

The process of designing a new device consists of the following stages:

  • Consultancy
  • Development and acceptance of technical task
  • Preparation and approval of the concept
  • Product electrical circuit engineering
  • Software production, programming the devices
  • Design and development of the appearance of the device case structure
  • Дизайн пользовательского интерфейса программ
  • Start-up and maintenance of the production process
  • Preparation of documents for receiving a certificate of conformity
  • Technical support in work with the product
  • Development of 3D models and design documentation

Designing a product at engineering company "Hybrid technology" on the basis of existing software and hardware systems allows the Customer to significantly reduce its costs and risks and, thereby, increase the chances of the rapid introduction of the product to the market.

Engineering company "Hybrid technology" design engineers have a wide design experience in the following industries:имеют широкий опыт проектной разработки в следующих отраслях экономики:

  • Consumer electrical goods
  • Industrial electronics
  • Telecommunication and data processing
  • Multimedia and others

At each stage of device design, Customers receive all supporting information, which makes it possible to fully control all stages of product development. All design results are transferred to the Customer (this is stipulated in the Contract) and are not used in third-party developments.

When concluding a contract, we guarantee to all Customers high quality of the development; upon completion of development, we provide technical support to the customer in work with the product.


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