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Production of drawings

Professional development of design and engineering documentation is a set of tasks that includes a description of a whole list of exact information about the products.

The process of creating design documents consists of several stages. The safety, quality and usability of the manufactured product directly depend on the actions performed at any of these stages. Development of design and engineering documentation presupposes mandatory knowledge of the standards that are currently in force in the industry, as well as experience in this direction.

The task of any project design is the preparation of drawings according to which the product will be manufactured. GreenDoor develops any diagrams and drawings in accordance with the applicable technical standards, as well as the requirements of USDD.

The drawings are prepared by the skilled specialists. During the development of design documentation, design engineers take into account the process of manufacture of the product being developed. Technical standards, fits, tolerances, materials are mandatory on all project drawings; the part is shown from all sides according to the standards and in section. For the products that are made from the sheet steel, development drawings are produced.

Engineering company "Hybrid technology" also has a wide experience in the development of project design and technical documentation in English in accordance with ISO and DIN standards.

The process of development consists of the following stages:

  • A design engineer takes certain measurements and determines the list of planned works.
  • Then we prepare the technical task in accordance with all the requirements and comments of the customer.
  • At the next stage, we develop 3D models and make calculations.
  • Further, in close cooperation with the customer we work on the drawings and diagrams of the product.
  • Upon completion of the development of technical documentation we hold consultations with the customer on the work performed.

The technical documentation can be developed in the following main areas:

  • Machine and tool engineering
  • Metal structures
  • Vessel facilities
  • Nonstandard parts.

You can order the product drawing according to a sketch or technical task. Strict compliance with all the requirements for drawings guarantees full capacity of the part, regardless of the manufacturer


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