Industrial Equipment Design - Hybrid Technology

Design of industrial equipment

Engineering company "Hybrid technology" will perform the entire scope of the design tasks - from the preparing of Technical task to the development of a complete package of working construction documentation in accordance with GOST 2.102-2013 USDD.

Our company designs and develops the following devices, equipment and tools of any complexity on a turn-key basis:

  • New product;
  • Manufacturing and industrial equipment;
  • Dedicated equipment;
  • Training equipment;
  • Machines for shops;
  • Product reverse engineering;
  • Machines and 3D printers;
  • Electric and electronic equipment;
  • Containers and cisterns;
  • Agricultural machinery.

The main advantages of design by our company:

  • We find solutions for problems of any complexity and develop unique products.
  • We develop projects in strict compliance with the working construction documentation corresponding to GOST and within the established deadlines.
  • We develop projects using professional software 3D CAD system. We use 3D visualization, perform detailed analysis of systems, select drives, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment. We introduce progressive optimization algorithms at all stages of the development.
  • We help to select the equipment, optimize the materials used and minimize production costs.
  • We provide the customer with any necessary documentation at all stages of design.
  • If necessary, we install and manufacture equipment at the production sites of our partners.
  • We develop automatic process control systems (APCS), help to select and program the equipment.
  • We maintain field supervision during manufacture and commissioning.
  • In the case of reverse engineering, we organize a site visit and carry out necessary measurements. If necessary, we will carry out 3D scanning.

You can send photo and video materials or simply tell what do you want to be developed - we will form a technical task, agree with you and send it to development.


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