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Feedback and acknowledgements



I was very pleased with the work with Gennady. He is a smart and fully fledged specialist. He takes great responsibility for the project and works at full capacity. He knows and loves his job. I look forward to further cooperation.

Не смотря на отсутствие полноценной исходной информации, успешно и оперативно спроектировал и проанализировал прибор для бурения нефтегазовых скважин.Despite the little information, he successfully and efficiently designed and analyzed a device for drilling oil and gas wells.
There is a professionalism in the process of cooperation.
I recommend him for everybody!

I ordered the calculation of the engine torque. The point was that a wire spool weighing 1 ton was reeled out, then the wire passed through a system of rollers. This wire had to be reeled out using a motor with a cycle of 1 time per second. It was not very easy for me to explain the task, since I am not a designer myself), but I liked the approach, because they still listened to me, since I am not a professional, defined the task, asked a couple of clarifying questions - and gave the result. Thank you!

The task was to calculate the rear axle of BelAZ-75131. Based on the drawings provided, Gennady created a 3D model. Moreover, he refined all the rest himself. The results will be used for Ph.D. thesis! Thank you very much, Gennady! I think we will cooperate with you for a long time. cool

1) For scientific work, it was necessary to design a three-dimensional model of a CNC machine for automatic calculation of the servo motor.

Gennady did a very good project. He designed an excellent machine in T-Flex CAD, taking into account many small details such as screw connections, bearings, etc.

Besides the machine, it was necessary to develop a module for automatic calculation of the servo motor, which had various input parameters. We entered input parameters, then automatically designed the servo motor, and selected guides (also exact models with all elements), drive, etc. from the created database. Various graphs were constructed.
2) As a result, we received 2D drawings of the machine in various sections, a 3-dimensional model, a video on how to process the part, and a note with all the calculations.

Everything was done in a professional manner using T-Flex.
Everything was done in due time.

I also want to note that Gennady approached the task very creatively and proposed many innovations.